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Golden Charter

There comes a time when it's natural to consider your own think about loved ones and what to leave them. Not the burden of funeral costs, obviously. Or the ordeal of deciding on the arrangements.

Golden Charter funeral plans give you total peace of mind. Here's why we at David Butterfield Funeral Directors and over 2000 independent funeral directors throughout the UK recommend them.

A Golden Charter plan enablers you to cover every possible cost in advance. Therefore we can guarantee that we will not have to ask bereaved relatives for exrta payment for the arrangements selected. Other funeral plans do not necessarily meet all expenses.

Golden Charter gives you freedom to choose your funeral director, and with Golden Charter you may personalise your plan any way you wish. Further information on request, please call 01274 852885 or email

No other funeral plan has such a combination of benefits for you and your loved ones.

Click here to view the Royal British Legion Golden Charter Plan

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