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Things To Consider

Our Visit To Make The Funeral Arrangements.

Our visit is intended not only to obtain all the information required to carry out the funeral arrangements but also for you to become familiar with us and for any anxieties to be answered. During our visit we will ask you to consider many options for the funeral, but this is intended to be more as a prompt rather than requiring an immediate answer, indeed we are aware that you may need time to think about a number of issues.

Some of the details which will need considering.

  • When you would like the funeral service to be held.
  • Where you would like the service to take place.
  • Whether there is a family connection to a church or the full service is to be held in a local crematorium. Our Chapel of Rest may be your choice for the service.
  • Is there a particular Minister you have in mind to conduct the service?
  • What music would you like to hear at the service?

For a church service this would usually be an organ piece when entering and leaving the church, and perhaps you may feel a hymn would be appropriate during the service. A service at a crematorium could be the same as the above, however there is greater scope of accepted music so if there is any piece, classical or contemporary we should be able to help (this may be acceptable in church, however, in either case we would need to ask the Minister concerned).

  • You may wish for a notice to be placed in a local newspaper - we will discuss this thoroughly with you during our visit.
  • Would you like a plate available at the service for donation in lieu of flowers.