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Funeral Pricing Explained

The cost of a funeral is arrived at by adding together two elements, which are –

The Funeral Directors charges:

  • The arranging, staffing and use of available facilities
  • The conveyance of the deceased including collection, care and transport for the funeral (hearse and limousines)
  • Selected coffin

The Third Party fees or disbursements, fee’s paid on the families behalf:

  • Cemetery or Cremation fees
  • Church fees
  • Minister fees

Also any other applicable fee’s, for example organist, service sheets/cards, catering, flowers and any other items supplied by us or ordered on your behalf.

We as all reputable Funeral Directors offer a simple funeral package as well as the more usual bespoke package. We are happy to explain the detail of all the fee’s in making a funeral arrangement either at our office or be telephoning 01274 852885.

Should the cost be a worry we can offer help and advice to try and assist in making things a little easier and there may be help available from the social fund, if you are in receipt of a social security qualifying benefit.

We will always strive to help and pride ourselves in offering a sympathetic understanding to all situations, using our expertise and guidance to carefully help you through the most difficult of times.